PTE Coaching

Our specialised one to one coaching is designed for you to understand the PTE format in the simplest way.  This will allow you to learn individually which means the focused will be on you only. This is the advantage of learning through achievers. We also conduct evening and weekend classes that suit working professionals as well as students. Our aim is to help you achieve your desired score through the high-quality education and appropriate guidance for the practice.

Online teaching

If there are no PTE coaching available near you or if you are not able to commute to the center than we can also enroll you in our online training programme. This will be conducted through SKYPE or Video calling on a one to one basis. Our expert coaching techniques and guidance will help you learn from a distance.

Spoken English

In this age of Technology and Globalization, having a good command over the English Language has become more and more important. It is the most widely spoken and understood language in the world. We have designed our spoken English module as per the need of an individual. Our module is gaining popularity among many youngsters because of its utility in their career development. Hence, we all want to improve our English Language skills and excel in our personal and professional life.

Soft Skills

Our soft skills training program covers a wide range of skills that are paramount to the growth and development of an Individual. Behavioral traits such as people’s skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills, leadership skills and so on make the work environment healthy and conducive to work efficiency and productivity. Soft skills can greatly boost the promotional prospects of an individual within an organization where one has to compete with equally talented, qualified and proficient individuals.

Grammar Lessons

We at achievers have designed a special module for you to learn the basic grammar and vocabulary. This session explains the English grammar in a clear and simple way that is easy to understand and learn. This is the first step to learn English.